10 Worst Umpires in Major League Baseball

It certainly feels like Major League Baseball‘s umpires have been getting worse over the last few years. The work that’s being done behind home plate has largely been atrocious for a while and that’s why we’re rapidly heading towards a world where robots are calling balls and strikes. It’s not much better in the field, where a robust replay system had to be implemented to deal with the astonishing numbers of blown calls. Even with Joe West retired, there are still too many bad umpires to count. Well, we’re going to try anyway.

What follows is our look at the 10 worst umpires in MLB.

There’s no other answer here. Don’t umpire in baseball is as bad at his job as Hernandez. everyone knows it, even MLB. Not only is he bad, he’s defiantly bad and controversially controversial almost every time he’s behind the plate. Aside from repeatedly botching big calls in the fieldHernandez’s work behind the dish is consistently atrocious. Kyle Schwarber’s recent blowup on the veteran umpire is just the latest in a long line of controversies he’s been involved in. The game would be better without Hernandez, but somehow he still has a job.

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