5 things to know this weekend

Macron, Le Pen face off in France’s presidential election

French President Emmanuel Macron, the centrist incumbent up for reelection, will face off against far-right candidate Marine Le Pen in a winner-takes-all runoff for the French presidency Sunday. Macron faced Le Pen in the presidential runoff five years ago, but polls show Le Pen is much closer to a potential victory this time. Macron has invested efforts in trying to draw in young voters who supported more politically extreme candidates in the first round of the election, with a rally on climate action early last week. Meanwhile, Le Pen has spent the past few years trying to rebrand as less extreme but remains intent on rolling back rights for Muslims and drastically reducing immigration policies, Macron warns to be racist and dangerous. If victorious, Le Pen would become France’s first female president in her third attempt at the seat.

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