8 incredible Gmail apps and tools to tame your inbox

The idea behind communicating, sharing, and collaborating through email is just about as old as the early days of the internet. Even decades later, things aren’t all too different regarding how we interact with email in our world today. We continue to use email for work, school, play, and especially in our personal lives for everything else in between. And while checking your email was a semi-regular activity a decade ago, now it’s always available, thanks to our phones.

Our email accounts can also get cluttered via junk or other unwanted threads, which can cause us to miss important messages. With this guide, we wanted to highlight some interesting apps and tools for the desktop version of Gmail that can help keep your inbox in check. You should be in charge of your inbox, not the other way around. And there are plenty more options for Gmail than what’s shown here, so don’t worry if your favorite app didn’t get a proper shoutout.


The third-party apps and tools on this list come from the official verified Google Workspace app store, so you know they’re safe to use. Many of them are professional businesses or brands as well. Since they all rely on Gmail, you’ll have to sign in with your Google account to use them anyway. A few are also geared toward business users, but you can incorporate them into your personal life just the same.

In the world of business or even in our own personal lives, we may sometimes need to send out mass emails. Mailman is an open-source and completely free-to-use Gmail app that will simplify sending and personalizing bulk emails. Its open-source nature also means you won’t have to worry about your personal data being snooped on, which is helpful. You can even link Mailman with Google Sheets to keep track of specific real-time email stats such as clicks, bounces, and responses.

Much like Mailman, Mailmeteror allows you to easily create, track, and manage your bulk emails within Gmail itself. It may not be open source like Mailman; however, it’s still a solid alternative if you’re looking for something extra. Its focus on ease of use, user privacy, and premium features make it an excellent choice for anyone who might be curious. Mailmeteror is free to use for up to 75 emails per day, with a few paid tiers if you need more emails and advanced features.

Gone are the days when you needed the necessary skills and knowledge to create fancy email designs. Email Templates brings the idea of ​​quickly sending professional-looking emails with the simple click of your mouse. You can choose from hundreds of pre-made templates for free to help level up your design game. They’ve got everything you could possibly need, from personalized birthday cards to newsletters for work. There’s also a premium paid option for users who require even more out of the service.

With more people working from home these days, we frequently use email to keep up with and notify our coworkers of essential tasks. Since emails are kept as a separate entity outside your typical workflow environment, they can sometimes get missed or forgotten about. Zapier looks to fix that by allowing you to integrate your Gmail threads right into your favorite messaging platform. It’s completely free to use for 100 tasks per month and has multiple paid tiers to fit your needs as necessary.

Sometimes you might miss important emails from family or friends because they’re mixed in with everything else. Using Evernote, you can take those personal emails out of your Gmail inbox, convert them into notes, and save them all in one location. Having your personal emails in their own space means you can return to them later without all the distractions. You get 60 MB of free monthly uploads and a choice of a few premium plans if you need more storage or extra features.

Evernote also has an Android app that you can use with the Gmail desktop app mentioned above, giving you the best of both worlds.

Since emails are constantly flowing in at all times, you never truly get a chance to take a break from them. With Boomerang, you can temporarily pause your Gmail inbox for a specified time, allowing you to focus on other things. You can also set reminders for important emails, which will help you stay organized. You get 10 free message credits per month, with various paid plans to access more advanced features. As a bonus, all new Boomerang accounts include a 30-day premium trial.

Boomerang also has an Android app that you can use with the Gmail desktop app mentioned above, giving you the best of both worlds.

When it comes to getting your thoughts onto the screen, typing on a keyboard may not always be the best option. Some users prefer to use talk-to-text tools to quickly jot down their thoughts because it’s more efficient for them. Voice Notes is sort of a middle ground between the two that lets you respond to and compose emails directly in Gmail using your voice. This free tool uses a dedicated built-in audio recording tool rather than simply attaching an audio file you recorded elsewhere.

Of all the items on this list, Superhuman can be safely placed into its own category. While the others are extensions that work alongside Gmail, Superhuman promotes itself as a renewed Gmail platform with unique AI capabilities. That, in theory, should help you get through your emails a lot faster. It also happens to be an invite-only program at this time and a giant waitlist to boot. Should you get accepted into Superhuman, you can expect a $30 a month subscription to use its services.

With so many ways to make your Gmail inbox experience better and more organized, these are just a handful of options for you to consider. Since they’re all free to try or use, you can easily test out the most interesting ones that fit your personal needs. You might also be interested in learning how to customize your desktop Gmail keyboard shortcuts for even more control over your inbox.

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