Alabama Crimson Tide Football Roster Update: Transfer Deadline Today

Today, May 1, marks the cutoff date for the Transfer Portal for the 2022 academic year. Student-athletes are allowed to enter the portal any day of the year. However, for all players of fall and winter sports wishing to take advantage of the NCAA’s one-time transfer exception, they must have their written request to enter the transfer portal in by May 1 if they want to participate this fall. Anyone not entering today or sooner won’t be eligible for the 2022 season, pending a waiver. They don’t have to announce a destination. They just need to hand in their paperwork.

Failure to adhere to this rule will result in a person having to sit out a year in-residence at their new school, which counts as one of their five seasons of eligibility.

Compliance offices have two business days to put that information into the transfer portal. Thus, anyone entering this weekend may not be announced until Tuesday.

The deadline to transfer within the SEC already passed back on February 1. New Alabama players Jermaine Burton (Georgia) and Tyler Steen (Vanderbilt) entered the portal in January.

The portal reopens Aug. 1, which is the start of the 2022-23 academic year.


By our count, Alabama has a roster count of either 87 or 88 players on scholarship, depending on one special case.

one DB Kool-Aid McKinstry SW.
two QB Jalen Milroe R-Fr.
3 DB DeMarcco Hellams Mr.
4 WR Jermaine Burton jr.
5 RB trey sanders R-Jr.
6 DB Khyree Jackson Mr.
7 WR Ja’Corey Brooks SW.
8 DB eli ricks jr.
9 QB Bryce Young jr.
10 DB jordan battle Mr.
eleven WR JoJo Earle SW.
12 LB Henry To’oTo’o Mr.
13 DB Kristian Story R-So.
14 WR Traeshon Holden jr.
fifteen DB Terrion Arnold R-Fr.
16 WR Christian Leary SW.
17 RB Jahmyr Gibbs jr.
18 DB Malachi Moore jr.
19 DB Brian Branch jr.
twenty WR Thaiu Jones-Bell jr.
twenty-one QB Ty Simpson Fr.
22 LB Dallas Turner SW.
23 station Will Reichard Mr.
24 LB Keanu Koht R-Fr.
25 RB Jase McClellan jr.
26 DB Tre’Quon Fegans Fr.
27 DB Jahquez Robinson jr.
28 RB Roydell-Williams jr.
29 RB jamarion miller Fr.
30 DB DeVonta Smith SW.
31 LB Jihad Campbell Fr.
32 LB Will Anderson Jr. jr.
33 LB Deontae Lawson R-Fr.
3. 4 LB Quandarrius Robinson R-So.
35 LB Jeremiah Alexander Fr.
36 LB Ian Jackson R-Fr.
37 LB Demouy Kennedy jr.
38 LB Kendrick Blackshire SW.
39 LB Chris Braswell jr.
40 LB Jaylen Moody R-Mr.
41 LB Shawn Murphy Fr.
42 DL Damon Payne Jr. R-Fr.
43 TEA Robbie Ozts SW.
44 DL Byron Young Mr.
Four. Five DL Tim Smith jr.
46 OL Tanner Bowles R-Jr.
47 DL Braylen Ingraham R-Jr.
48 OL Tyler Booker Fr.
49 OL Emil Ekiyor Jr. R-Mr.
fifty OL Seth McLaughlin R-So.
51 OL James Brockermeyer R-Fr.
52 DL Anquin Barnes Jr. R-Fr.
53 OL J C Latham SW.
54 OL Terrence Ferguson II R-Fr.
55 OL Javion Cohen jr.
56 OL darrian dalcourt Mr.
57 OL Damion George Jr. jr.
58 OL Dayne Shor Fr.
59 OL Tommy Brockermeyer R-Fr.
60 OL Jaeden Roberts R-Fr.
61 OL Amari Kight R-Jr.
62 TEA Cameron Latu R-Mr.
63 WR Aaron Anderson Fr.
64 WR Kendrick Law Fr.
65 TEA Elijah Brown Fr.
66 TE/OL Kendall Randolph gr.
67 DL Jaheim Oatis Fr.
68 DL Justin Eboigbe Mr.
69 DL Jah Marien Latham R-So.
70 DL DJ Dale Mr.
71 DL Monkell Goodwine R-Fr.
72 DL Tim Keenan III R-Fr.
73 DL Khurtiss Perry Fr.
74 DL Jamil Burroughs jr.


75 WR Amari Niblack Fr.
76 DB Antonio Kite Fr.
77 TEA Danny Lewis Fr.
78 DB Earl Little Jr. Fr.
79 OL Elijah Pritchett Fr.
80 ATH Emmanuel Henderson Fr.
81 WR Isaiah Bond Fr.
82 SD Isaiah Hastings Fr.
83 yes Jake Pope Fr.
84 WR Kobe Prentice Fr.
85 WR Shazz Preston Fr.
86 WO Tyler Stein gr.
87 WR Tyler Harrell 5th Yr.


RS-Fr. DB Kaine-Williams and RS-Sr. DL Stephon Wynn have both entered the portal but are still listed on the roster as of press time. They are not counted above.

The special case comes in the form of RS-sophomore punter James Burnip. It is unknown whether he is a walk-on or on scholarship. Before joining the Tide, he had an offer from Ole Miss which should lead to believe that Alabama matched that offer. Furthermore, it would also be assumed that senior punter/kicker Jack Martin is also on walk-on status. These two are not included in the above count either.


The maximum 85 spots allowed by the NCAA has to be met by August 1.

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