Chaos in Super Smash Bros. community after promises of alleged meta-changing tech fail to be delivered on, GimR responds

Well, this certainly isn’t something you see every day.

For weeks now, VGBC|GimR had been teasing the discovery of meta-changing tech for competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with the promise to reveal it to the world tonight at 5 pm ET, but then that didn’t happen — and then things started getting weird.

Back in April, GimR’s Lab released a new trailer for a new episode titled ‘THE META FINALLY CHANGES’ that poked fun at his previous Phantom Footstool discovery that didn’t really impact the game. This time would be different though.

This new tech would truly change the goal.

It’s now May 4, and people across the world tuned in to GimR’s Twitch channel for the live premiere and began waiting.

His stream was live, but remained on the stream starting soon with an animated parody of GimR as Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory and Back to the Lab playing in the background.

The scheduled time came and went, and nothing changed.

Anticipation and curiosity continued to grow with over 50,000 people tuning in between GimR’s Twitch and others restreaming the event.

As the minutes continued to tick by, those feelings began to change with players and community members taking to Twitter to share memes and ask what was going on.

That lead to GimR and Back to the Lab Again trending on Twitter where it still currently sits in the United States at #2 at the time of reporting.

People started growing concerned that something serious could have happened to the video or even GimR himself with players like Liquid|Hungrybox attempting to get in contact with no response.

The stream would go offline over an hour later with still no word as to what was going on.

Both curiosity and memes would continue to grow until GimR himself finally took to Twitter at 7 pm ET to explain the situation.

“I’m gonna keep this brief because I have to get a message out right now since all of you are waiting on me,” wrote GimR in his statement. “Honestly I’m not ok, I had a technical issue today when I was ironing out the final kinks of my presentation. I hyped this thing up so much and felt so much pressure that I made the wrong decision to try and put it back together with literally no time.It got to the point where I put the wait screen live on my laptop and kept pushing myself until I finally accepted it.I’m really sorry for letting y’all down.I promise you this tech is awesome If you’re someone I showed the tech to I ask that you please still keep it to yourself and give me time. I’m done for the night. I’m not gonna look at social media. I’ll get back to y’all with an update tomorrow. Again, I’m sorry.”

From his own statement, it appears to have come down to a combination of technical issues and the pressures of not wanting to disappoint the thousands waiting on him to go live, which is understandable for anyone who’s tried to work with video or media production.

This wasn’t some troll or scheme to make GimR’s Lab go viral, but seemingly rather a compounding of unfortunate events. It happens.

He still claims the tech is still very real, and pros that got a sneak peek at what’s coming back up those claims.

Although things are solved now, this will go down as a bizarre day for the Smash community that won’t soon be forgotten.

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