Cincinnati Bengals Expected to ‘Max Out’ Number of Primetime Games This Season

CINCINNATI— Joe Burrow and the Bengals are going to have plenty of primetime games this season.

Cincinnati made it all the way to Super Bowl LVI in 2022. They’re going to be rewarded by playing in front of a national audience a lot more in 2022.

The Bengals are expected to max out the number of primetime games (five) this season according to Mike Northwho serves as the NFL’s Vice President of Broadcast Planning.

“A lot. A lot,” North said when Dan Hoard asked how many primetime games the Bengals should expect to play in this season. “Not just primetime, but we also look at the Sunday afternoon 4:25 window for CBS and FOX. That is still our highest-rated window. That’s where more fans watch our games than any other window. It’ll be very different than We’re all gonna have to get comfortable with not playing Sunday at 1 o’clock week after week.


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