Elden Ring: Remembrance Weapons Tier List

Major Elden Ring bosses drop items called Remembrances that can be exchanged for powerful weapons, but not all choices are created equal.

Remembrance Weapon Rykard Elden Ring

After defeating major bosses in Elden Ring, players may be given an item called a Remembrance. Heading to Roundtable Hold, players can exchange these items for one of two rewards, which typically present as a choice between two weapons or a weapon and powerful spell. Since these Remembrances can require a huge amount of effort to obtain, Elden Ring players may be hesitant to redeem them for fear that they make the wrong choice. Luckily, the vast majority of Remembrance Weapons are viable choices that can carry a player through to the end of the game and beyond.


Since there are nearly 20 weapon choices, fans will want to prioritize the best Remembrance Weapons when they visit Finger Reader Enia. However, it’s also important for players to keep in mind that Remembrances can drop from optional boss fights, meaning some of the strongest Remembrance Weapons are entirely missable on a playthrough.

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S Tier


  • Sacred Relic Blade: Unsurprisingly, the Remembrance Weapon that drops off the Elden Beast is one of the best options in the game. Not only does it rank as one of the strongest Faith weapons in Elden Ringbut its special ability “Wave of Gold” is a must-have for the best farming spots.
  • Blasphemous Blade: the unique Ash-of-War on the Blasphemous Blade is spammable, can hit many enemies, and heals the user for a good portion of the damage dealt. When paired with a fair share of health and tanky armor, the Blasphemous Blade can make players feel like they’re on an easier difficulty.
  • Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear: Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear is one of the most exploited weapons in the entire game because it’s simply too good in certain situations. It can make for an incredibly cheesy PvP experience in Elden Ringsince its unique skill does not require line of sight, but it also functions as a one-shot machine against major bosses in PvE.

A Tier

Remembrance Elden Ring Maliketh

  • Maliketh’s Black Blade: Maliketh’s Black Blade is another weapon that shines in very specific circumstances. While it has a cumbersome and slow unique weapon skill, against bosses like the Fire Giant or Elden Beast that are relatively easy to hit, it absolutely shreds. If only for its ability to cheese bosses in Elden RingMaliketh’s Black Blade gets high marks.
  • Hand of Malenia: Despite a flashy attack animation, the Hand of Malenia is really just an average katana. Still, even as an average katana, it’s an incredible weapon due to its long reach and Bleed status effect.
  • Carian Regal Scepter: While it’s largely overlooked during discussions on the best staffs in Elden Ring, the Carian Regal Scepter is a close-range monster. It has a very powerful unique weapon ability that can stagger enemies and dish out massive damage. If players catch an opponent with the skill in PvP, the fight is more-or-less over.
  • Starscourge Greatsword: The Starscourge Greatsword truly shines in Elden Ring‘s PvE scenarios, but can’t quite reach the S-tier in light of better PvP options. Still, against hoards of enemies and certain bosses, it is unparalleled. It also boasts a powerful stagger chance that makes it even more deadly.
  • Morgott’s Cursed Sword: Basically interchangeable for another excellent weapon, Bloodhound’s Fang. While it can feel a bit cumbersome, Morgott’s Cursed Sword is another stagger machine as well as top-tier at applying Bleed.

B Tier

Lion Greatbow Elden Ring

  • Lion Greatbow: While it’s not the best bow choice in Elden Ring, the Lion Greatbow can shred against certain bosses. Unfortunately, its special ability is too slow to be truly effective. Like any other bow, the Lion Greatbow can also be a serious drain on a player’s rune stash.
  • Giant’s Red Braid: An excellent farming tool in Elden Ring for players who have yet to get the Sacred Relic Blade. Oddly enough, the Giant’s Red Braid scales with Strength which makes it a viable secondary option for Strength-based builds that need a bit of variety.
  • Dragon King’s Cragblade: A solid choice for Dexterity builds in Elden Ring, but its difficult unique weapon skill and bizarre thrust animation take a bit of practice. If the Dragon King’s Cragblade were to get points purely for style, it would slot right into S-tier.
  • Marika’s Hammer: It’s difficult to ever recommend Marika’s Hammer over the Sacred Relic Blade. They have comparable weapon skills, but the Sacred Relic Blade is infinitely more useful in its ability to farm mobs. As it stands, Marika’s Hammer can be a useful PvP weapon and is not without its charm in PvE, but is in desperate need of changes to its unique ability.

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C Tier

Bastard's Stars Weapon Ability Flail Art

  • Bastard’s Stars: An interesting weapon for Intelligence-based builds, but largely outshined by most other choices in that category. While the Bastard’s Stars can be a ton of fun to use, it’s a far cry from the best option out there, and its unique ability’s long cast time is a testament to that.
  • Ax of Godfrey: A classic example of a mediocre weapon. It has poor scaling and its weapon ability is completely underwhelming. Of course, like any other weapon on this list, with the right build it can be viable, but it’s best overlooked for stronger options.
  • Ax of Godrick: Like the Ax of Godfrey, the Ax of Godrick feels wrong. Not only is the Ax of Godrick a massive greataxe that scales with Dexterity, but it has fairly lackluster scaling at that.

D Tier

Godrick Dragon Remembrance Elden Ring

  • Grafted Dragon: Arguably one of the worst weapons in the entire game, it cannot be power stanced like most fist weapons, and it doesn’t function like a flamethrower as one might expect. Its weapon art is slow and deals short-reaching fire damage. It’s best left as a stylistic choice.
  • Winged Greathorn: There’s nothing particularly special about the Winged Greathorn. It could potentially be useful as a secondary weapon since players could switch to it and quickly apply its special debuff, but other than that it’s just a middling weapon choice with terrible scaling.

Elden Ring is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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