Fake injuries in college football? The NCAA has a fake solution

The two most powerful influences in play for the NCAA Football Rules Committee and the panel charged with judging its recommendations – the integrity of the game and the safety of the game – came into conflict last week.

Defensive players faking injuries to slow down hurry-up offenses was the issue that brought the Godzilla and King Kong of NCAA rules initiatives head to head. Like the fictional monsters, neither integrity nor safety are used to yielding to anything in the modern evolutions of NCAA rules, but in this battle, there had to be a loser.

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Integrity was it.

This fall, schools will be able to file a post-game complaint of a faked injury to the national coordinator of officials, who will review tape and submit feedback to Fake Injury U, and its conference. Penalties, if any, would be determined by the offending school or its conference.

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