How NIL may affect Trayce Jackson-Davis NBA draft move

BLOOMINGTON – He’s been at IU so long it might be lost on some fans that this spring marks Trayce Jackson-Davis’ first foray into the NBA’s pre-draft process. Declared but committed to retaining his eligibilityJackson-Davis is one of a handful of players who could serve as early case studies for the way the stay-or-go decision has changed in the NIL era.

Already an accomplished college player, Jackson-Davis finished his junior season in March with some of the best basketball of his IU career. In his last seven games, Jackson-Davis posted 151 points and 54 rebounds, shooting 63-of-100 (63%) from the floor and 25-of-33 (75.8%) from the free-throw line.

Now, Jackson-Davis is availing himself of that pre-draft process for the first time. He’s now among a class of players for whom the decision is no longer as cut-and-dried as either staying in college or beginning a professional career, with name, image and likeness reforms now allowing college athletes to profit from their likeness.

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