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I need your coaching here. The local kickoff time for the London game is 8:30 am For those of us not traveling across the pond, what time must we light the grill to cook the brats? When is it socially acceptable to pour that first frosty drink? We’re in unchartered waters here!

Oct. 9 needs to be declared an “anything goes” day for Packers fans.

Jim from St. Pete Beach, FL

Hello, Insiders! Looking ahead to October’s jaunt across the pond, when have teams historically traveled in preparation for a game in London?

LaFleur has made the trip a couple times on previous squads he’s coached, and he suggested the team would be flying over on Thursday.

Will the players need passports for the London game?

Yes, just as they needed them for the preseason game in Canada three years ago. But only 80% of the players had them, apparently.

Hi Mike/Wes. Thanks for the great Packers draft coverage. I can’t pretend to understand all the nuances and machinations of the NFL draft, but I was surprised (even shocked!) at how little the Lions gave the Vikings to move up 20 odd places in the first round. And whilst I was happy to see the Pack do likewise in the second round, the price did seem a little steep. From an NFC North competitor point of view, do you think the Vikings made the most of the extra picks they accrued?

I, too, was surprised the Vikings didn’t get more from the Lions for the No. 12 overall pick. Chart-wise, they made up what they lost in the Lions trade by holding fast on getting the Packers’ two seconds. As the draft progressed, it became clear the Vikings’ new GM was intent on moving around, a lot, and getting players he targeted in certain value ranges/slots. What we do n’t know is, after moving back 20 spots, did he want to move back up in the first round (like Gutey did in ’18) but he could n’t work out a deal? Frankly, we’ll never know.

Bob from Fort Atkinson, WI

Hi guys, I recall seeing some pre-draft information about a very good long snapper who may be drafted by the Packers. Since he was not drafted by us and not signed by us an UDFA do you know what happened to him?

If you’re talking about Cal Adomitis from Pitt, he signed with the Bengals as a UDFA.

I like this draft. I like the decision to take Walker over Dean mainly because of size. Dean at 5-9 would be a mismatch covering 6-4 and taller TEs. Walker can stay on the field. He fits also with Barry’s philosophy of letting linebackers be linebackers and corners be corners. I am excited to see the possibilities. What excites you most about the defense?

The idea of ​​seeing true companion players, in terms of size and skills, to both Kenny Clark and De’Vondre Campbell in the middle of the field.

An observation more so than a question. Two years ago I thought the Bucs defense was a bad matchup for the Packers because of their two inside linebackers (David and White). It is tough to scheme against two guys that can get downhill as well as sideline to sideline. After this year’s draft, I am excited to see Campbell and Walker on the field together. I think it drastically changes the dynamics of this defense. And oh yeah, add in a stellar defensive line with it…LOOK OUT. agree?

I have no interest in jumping the gun, and if Walker and Wyatt are going to play as much as I think as rookies, the defense in September will evolve into something different come November and beyond. It’ll be a process. But I do think Joe Barry has even more pieces now to play the type of defense he wants to play.

Jayson from Fayetteville, NC

Going to have to agree to disagree with Bret from Hertel, WI, and even Wes a little. We have an elite defense in my opinion barring injuries. Our first-rounders should be expected to start this year and help the defense become even more elite. They are amazing athletes and were productive in an elite defense that just played 15 games, mostly in the SEC and in the CFB playoffs. There will not be a rookie wall for them. We will just be better with them on the field with depth behind them.

I tend to agree with you, and we’ll see how it shakes out. I do have “rookie wall” concerns, though, because Georgia did play 15 games last year, and since early January these guys have been training for the combine, then pro day, now they’re here for minicamp, followed by OTAs, etc . Training camp, preseason and 17 games plus (hopefully) playoffs is another six months of football. It’s going to be a long haul for them, and I expect the coaching staff to monitor their workload accordingly.

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