It sucks being an Overwatch 2 support player

Overwatch 2 support players have it rough. As a Moira one-trick, I’ve never had it particularly easy in Overwatch 1, either – the support role is easily the most necessary and underappreciated component of competitive matches, and a single off round can draw the ire of five angry team members . But Overwatch 2’s support players feel the pain more than ever before, thanks in large part to the new 5v5 comp that removes tanks from the equation. While Blizzard has agreed that Overwatch 2 support heroes need some loveyou won’t see a major change unless the company does something bold but unlikely: reinstate 6v6.

emotional support healer

Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Activision)

In 5v5 Overwatch 2 beta matches, the singular tank players often take on the “off-tank” role, which means they play as a shieldless tank. Orisa (who was a main tank in Overwatch 1 with a deployable shield) has moved into the off-tank role thanks to a major rework that makes her much more aggressive and dive-y. As such, she’s a popular choice for tank players looking to test her new skillset out of her – and she’s a ton of fun, so I understand the allure. The same goes for Doomfist, who has gotten a major rework that pulls him from DPS into the tank role (although he’s yet another off-tank).

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