The Last of Us Set Video Teases Game-Accurate Joel & Ellie Scene

A new video from the set of HBO’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Last Of Us teases a game-accurate scene involving Joel and Ellie.

A new set video from HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last Of Us teases a game-accurate scene involving Joel and Ellie. HBO’s highly anticipated series will see Pedro Pascal star as Joel Millera character first introduced in the beloved video game, The Last of Us. Created by Naughty Dog, the game follows Joel as he accompanies a young girl named Ellie across an apocalyptic America, unaware of the fact that her young companion holds the key to the cure for a horrifying brain infection that has taken over the planet. the Last of Us series looks set to closely adapt this storyline, with Pascal’s fellow game of Thrones alumni, Bella Ramsey, set to star as Ellie.


With a rumored budget of $10 million per episode, production on The Last of Us officially kicked off last summer, and filming is expected to officially wrap sometime next month. The series, which is co-directed by the game’s creator Neil Druckmann and written by Chernobyl writer, Craig Mazin, has been largely shrouded in mystery, with only small updates slowly trickling out from set as production has progressed. While any official updates have been few and far between, various photos and videos have been captured desde The Last of Us set, which have offered small glimpses at what can be expected from the series.

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Now, glaring similarities between a scene in the game and a recent video that was captured from The Last of Us set have been pointed out. Taking to Twitter, the fan page @HBOsTheLastofUs shared an exciting video in which they compared the two scenes side by side. In both scenes, Joel and Ellie can be seen attempting to enter a building, with Ellie then climbing through a small opening in order to open the door for Joel to then enter. Many users were quick to express their excitement at this game-accurate scene, with some speculating which other scenes could also be included. Check out the video below.

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Of course, this video is just a small snippet of one scene, so it’s unclear whether the game-accuracy of the sequence continues beyond this brief glimpse. Given the one-camera perspective of the video, it also can’t be confirmed whether this scene would follow Ellie into the tunnel as the original game shot does, creating an exact shot-for-shot replica. with the Last of Us series set to adapt such a popular video game franchise, there has naturally been speculation as to whether the show’s stars played the games as part of their research for their characters. Pascal recently revealed that he had in fact tried to play The Last of Ushowever, the actor revealed that it wasn’t long before he had to hand over the controls to his nephew, joking that he doesn’t have the skills required to complete the game.

While it was expected that the Last of Us series would follow its source material fairly closely, seeing clips such as this which almost replicate exact scenes from the game is likely to be incredibly exciting for those anxious to see the franchise brought to life on the small screen. With filming on The Last of Us now entering its final weeks, many are hoping for some official releases from HBO that offer a close-up look at the series’ two lead characters. However, it remains to be seen just how tightly under wraps any first looks will be kept for now. Audiences can look forward to seeing which other game scenes made the transfer over to The Last of Us when the series hits screens next year.

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Source: @HBOsTheLastofUs/Twitter

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